Friday, December 11, 2009

End of the Year is Comin' Y'all

What were the best albums of the decade? Which bands/artists were the most "influential"/"conceptual"?

Here is my list...who did I miss?

Jordan Landis' Top 50 Albums, 2000-2009

top 5 albums for each year, plus some that were almost good enough.


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5. Earth—Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars

4. Jackie O Motherfucker—Fig. 5

3. Radiohead—Kid A

2. Electric Wizard—Dopethrone

1. Elliott Smith—Figure 8



5. At the Drive-In—Relationship of Command

4. Joshua Fit For Battle—To Bring our own End

3. Lightning Bolt—Ride the Skies

2. Daft Punk—Discovery

1. Orchid—Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!

Honorable Mention:

The Knife—s/t

Explosions In the Sky—Those who tell the truth shall die; those who tell the truth shall live forever



5. Usurp Synapse—Disinformation Fix (discography)

4. I Hate Myself—10 Songs

3. The Brunettes—Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks

2. Raein—s/t

1. Beat Happening—Music to Climb the Apple Tree By



5. The White Stripes—Elephant

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Fever to Tell

3. Lightning Bolt—Wonderful Rainbow

2. Xiu Xiu—A Promise

1. The Knife—Deep Cuts



5. Architecture in Helsinki—Fingers Crossed

4. Xiu XIu—Fabulous Muscles

3. Joanna Newsom—The Milky-Eyed Mender

2. Animal Collective—Sung Tongs

1. Brian Wilson—SMiLE

Honorable Mention:


The Arcade Fire—Funeral


Black Dice—Creature Comforts

Shugo Tokumaru—Night Piece




5. Koushik—Be With

4. Jane—Berserker

3. Architecture in Helsinki—In Case We Die

2. Animal Collective—Feels

1. Black Dice—Broken Ear Record

Honorable Mention:

Lightning Bolt—Hypermagic Mountain

Sufjan Stevens—Come on, Feel the Illinois

Devendra Banhart—Cripple Crow

Death from Above 1979—Heads Up



5. Hylozoists—La Fin du Monde

4. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti—House Arrest

3. John Maus­—Songs

2. The Knife—Silent Shout

1. Joanna Newsom—Ys

Honorable Mention:


The Blow—Paper Television

Beirut—Gulag Orkestar



5. The Horrors—Strange House

4. Eric Copeland—Hermaphrodite

3. Black Dice—Load Blown

2. Justice—Cross

1. Panda Bear—Person Pitch

Honorable Mention:

No Age—Weirdo Rippers


Boys Noize—Oi Oi Oi

John Maus—Love is Real



5. Starfucker—s/t

4. Wavves—s/t

3. Crystal Stilts—Alight of Night

2. Mr. Oizo—Lambs Anger

1. Crystal Castles—s/t



5. Telepathe­—Dance Mother

4. Major Lazer—Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do

3. Black Dice—Repo

2. Mount Kimbie—Maybes EP + Sketch on Glass EP

1. Fever Ray—s/t


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