Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silver & Landfill: 10 november 2009

Jordan's Set:

1. Leave Us Alone--Geneva Jacuzzi, Kooze Control
2. White Light--Gorillaz, Demon Days
3. Earnings Plus Interest--Black Dice, Repo
4. Vanished--Crystal Castles, s/t
5. Heliotrope--At the Drive-In, Vaya
6. J'aime pas l'Art--datA, Trop Laser EP
7. Tiny Paintings--Architecture in Helsinki, In Case We Die
8. Rumpus Reprise--Karen O and the Kids, Where the Wild Things Are
9. Flashes--Teenage Filmstars, Star

Ashley's Set:

1. Polly Pereguinn--Beat Happening, Music to Climb the Apple Tree By
2. Percolator--Stereolab, Emperor Tomato Ketchup
3. San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)--Jack Kerouac, Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation
4. Mr. Farmer--The Seeds, The Seeds
5. Scrabble!--Team Awesome!, Heck Yeah!
6. Flower--Sonic Youth, Bad Moon Rising
7. Lollipop Lady--Les Georges Leningrad, Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou
8. High Society--Erase Errata, Other Animals
9. All the Umbrellas in London--The Magnetic Fields, Get Lost

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