Friday, November 20, 2009

Turn It Around: The Best In Electronic Dance Music

Hey Readers! So sorry it's taken so long to be set up here on the WSLC blog, but I have been hard at work to figure out the best solution to distribute previous episodes. And I think I've found a solution. But first, some info about my show, as I haven't posted anything yet.

Turn It Around: The Best In Electronic Dance Music is a weekly show on WSLC that showcases a brand new mix by myself, playing all kinds of electronic dance music that's being played in clubs around the world by top DJs. Every week a new genre is chosen and featured. So far I've played a lot of house (electro, progressive, tech and tribal house), some proper techno, and even some dubstep. But it's not only genres: two weeks ago, I had the Dusty Moon Special, paying homage to my friend Dusty who taught me everything I know about this kind of music. Later on, I might do labels: all tracks of a week's show are located on one label…maybe next semester.

I use two websites for TIA. The first is - here, you will be able to listen to the last four episodes in their entirety. You can click Sets and start with that, or pick any one of the songs and just play. You don't have to download anything to listen; just hit play, and you're off.

However, if you want to download the mixes for your leisure, ALL the episodes are available at - you can download any or all of them, and the tracklists are embedded in the files.

Thanks for reading and see you this Sunday for our first Drum & Bass episode! ^^;

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