Friday, October 9, 2009

Silver & Landfill-10/6/09

Ennio Morricone–For a Fistful of Dollars

Ashley's Set:

1. What’s A Girl to Do?–Bat for Lashes, Fur and Gold

2. Stickman Blues–The Warlocks,  Pheonix Album

3.  Corpse Pose–Unwound, Repetition

4.  Watchmaker–Excuse 17, Such Friends Are Dangerous

5. La Chanson de Prevert–Serge Gainsbourg, De Gainsbourg a Gainsbourg

6.  Helena Won’t Get Stoned–Tarkio, Omnibus

7. Nitroglycerine–The Gories, I Know You Fine but How You Doin

8.  Hansel and Gretel–Babes in Toyland, Fontanelle

9. Princess Coldheart–The Legendary Pink Dots, The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse

Jordan's Set:

1. Bus Stop–The Hollies, Best of The Hollies

2. Just Wait Til Next Year–John Maus, Songs

3. Ikareta Baby–Fishmans, Kuuchuu, Best of Fishmans

4. Alien in a Garbage Dump–Eric Copeland, Alien in a Garbage Dump

5. Death +–HEALTH, Get Color

6. Numanoid–Feadz, Happy Meal EP

7. A Milli–Lil Wayne, The Carter III

8. Inside the Kidney Machine–Mr. Oizo, Analog Worms Attack

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