Sunday, February 14, 2010

golden. february 14, 2010. 6 p.m.

okay so as luck would have it, today's show fell on valentine's day. so i could have just sat down in the studio and played a solid third of 69 love songs or something but come on. so i gave this week's show the loose theme of dream girls. and you best believe i'm not talking about the beyonce movie. i'm talking about songs about surreal girls. about dreams and about the women who populate them, who live them. so yeah, some love songs i guess were in the mix. here's what i played.

summer holiday - wild nothing
the girl who lives on heaven hill - husker du
in my room - best coast
taste of cindy - the jesus and mary chain
lucy in the sky with diamonds - the beatles
tonya harding - the coathangers
the glam goddess - the smith westerns
suzanne - leonard cohen
and she was - talking heads
venus - television
tunic (song for karen) - sonic youth
luv goon - pearl harbor

listen in next week!

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