Sunday, February 28, 2010

golden. february 28, 2010. 6 p.m.

today had no theme. today was sonic collage of current favorite songs and memories.
it was cool:
lexicon devil - the germs
wake up - essential logic
mechanical flattery - lydia lunch
mythic - brilliant colors
jail la la - dum dum girls
goat hurt - no age
irukandji - smith westerns
spiritus sanctus - smith westerns
oh globe - JEFF the brotherhood
fuuuuuun - be your own PET
bicycle, bicycle, you are my bicycle - be your own PET
new wave hippies - psychedelic horseshit
when i'm with you - best coast
heavy days - JEFF the brotherhood
in the garment district - bird names
where is my mind? - the pixies
endless fascination - psychedelic horseshit

listen in next week. yeah!

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