Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turn It Around - Episode 209 (Definitive Recordings Special)

Hey again! Dan here. Unfortunately, there was no live show tonight. Major bummer, considering that tonight's mix is AWESOME. Never fear, as you can listen to the whole thing, download it, do whatever. I make these for you guys, and I love doing it. Hopefully next week will take an upturn. Thanks!

Turn It Around: The Best In Electronic Music
Compiled And Mixed by Dan Veytia

Episode 208 - Definitive Recordings Special
Duration: 58:22
Broadcast Date: April 11, 2010

1) John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto - Gone Hunting (Phunk Investigation Remix)
2) Roy Rosenfeld - Jerusalem
3) Olivier Giacomotto and DJ Tonio - TecH1N1o
4) John Acquaviva and Amo & Navas - Acquanamo
5) Jan Van Lier - Hung Lo
6) Greg Kobe - Total Lack Of Chemistry (Bodyscrub Remix)
7) Olivier Giacomotto - 96 Degrees (Superskank Remix)
8) David Ekenbäck and Tony Senghore - Drunk Man Standing (John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
9) Damon Jee - Cubo
10) Ben Lb - Lala Li Lala

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Thanks for listening and see you next week!! ^^

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